Man Records Himself Talking in Sleep. Say What?!

By December 22, 2016Otro Rollo
By | December 22, 2016

A good amount of people grind their teeth in their sleep. Others get gassy. But what about talking in your sleep? If you’ve ever been told you talk in your sleep or heard someone else do it, it can be pretty creepy! Filmmaker Adam Rosenberg of Colorado has been often told that he talks in his sleep. Putting his own film skills to work he decided to audio record himself asleep for a year and see what things he found himself. Rosenberg has created an reenactment video to give visuals to his real transcribed audio.

Talking in your sleep is known as “somniloquy.” It’s actually a sleep disorder described as talking during sleep without being aware of it. Usually it’s complete gibberish or mumbling. Doctors say it can be caused by stress along others factors, yet it is not categorized as dangerous…maybe just annoying or in this case funny.

Warning: explicit language…we think. We’re not really sure what he’s saying.