Cool DIY Halloween Costumes To Consider

By Roland VicSeptember 25, 2016Otro Rollo
diy halloween costumes
By Roland Vic | September 25, 2016

Because it is never too early to begin looking for the perfect halloween costume or costumes that you’ll rock this year.

And what better options than those DIY and cheap alternatives that will also get you fame and attention wherever you go. 

If you’re reading this, chances are you were too cheap to buy a real Halloween costume anyways…

Nonetheless, we’re giving you a hand in putting together a costume decent enough to get you through this year’s Halloween parties and have the most creative costumes ever this awesome holiday.

Dressing as any of the characters from the El Chavo del Ocho television series is game!

Halloween costumes for the show’s El Chavo, La Chilindrina, Quico, Don Ramon, Dona Florinda, and La Bruja del 71 characters can all be created using outgrown clothing pieces and every day items such as hair rollers (Doña Florinda), a tight black t-shirt and fitted jeans (Don Ramon), or below-the-knee shorts and a striped t-shirt (El Chavo).

Rock a Mexican wrestler costume

All you need is an outgrown t-shirt, white knee length socks, tore up sneakers, a pillowcase for a cape, and a pair of leggings.


And who can resist the Tapatio hot sauce guy?

All you need is a big sombrero, a mustache and a mariachi outfit. Yes, because everyone and their mommas owns a mariachi suit.

Stranger Things Character

Eleven will be the winner of all 2016 costumes so think Dustin, Barbs or Will!

JuanGa or Willy Wonka, of course!

With their recent passing these two beloved character will be among the most popular to parade at this year’s Santa Monica Halloween Festival, don’t you think?

Cool picks!

An 80’s aerobic instructor, a giant baby, and “no costume guy” are other quick DIY alternatives that don’t require a great budget.

Avoid the typical:

Dressing as the opposite sex, embracing your inner hippie, living up to your “chola” reputation, Harley Quinn, doing an homage to Britney Spears gone cray-cray, or letting the skeletons out of your closet and dressing as your true self:  kitty cat or super hero.

If any of those options don’t work for you, you can always drape yourself from head to toe in a blue Snuggie, paint your face blue and call it a day.