Las Vegas ’ King of Buffets Countdown

By Señor MojonesJune 12, 2014Otro Rollo
Best buffets in Las Vegas
By Señor Mojones | June 12, 2014

Best buffets in Las Vegas

As a proud American, I love those things that make us who we are: capitalism, a melting pot of people, ideas, ingenuity, and most importantly the spirit to overindulge

I do not condone obesity or even over weight lifestyles, which is why I rise at 4:30 a.m. Monday through Friday and hit the gym hard. But one thing I can do from time to time is over indulge in that delicious and sexy thing we call food.

Dining of all types turns me on, but the American all-you-can-eat buffet is my greatest weakness. It’s basically food on steroids and Las Vegas has the fairest of them all. Bare with me as we countdown to:

Sin City’s King of Buffets!

#5: Paris
I’ve visited Paris’ buffet twice in my illustrious, overindulging eating career and had an awesome time feasting on the muscles and quiche. Those were the buffet’s real highlights along with the antipasto platters, made-to-order crepes (all day service) and the stuffed duck with pork loin and carrots. I know this place gets really high reviews but let’s be honest, it just comes short for some odd reason. Maybe it’s the dark lighting or the lack of diversity in their menu. Also, the line is decent unless you show up like an idiot at anywhere between 6 and 7 p.m. along with the rest of the world.

#4: Caesar’s Palace
This place is a little hard to find and the line is long, but once you get to that glorious food land, you will be rewarded. The roast beef and the corn beef are premium cuts, the all-day made-to-order omelet station is always a nice surprise and the deserts are award wining. If they still have it, try the chocolate swirl. It’s to die for. The seating arrangement is the best. It feels like everyone has a seat close to the food. This place barely beats our #3 place but it all came down to selection, which feels somewhat limited. I left feeling like I wasn’t getting my money’s worth, but what they do have is very good.

#3: Aria
It feels good just to walk the long u-shaped food hall at the Aria buffet. The booths and seats are 60’s mod and the waitresses are super nice. I went for breakfast and the menu was outstanding, to say the least. They had a great selection of breakfast and brunch foods, including a very nice cheese and strawberry half crepe (which was the perfect size to keep nibbling on other goodies), high-end selection of cold cuts and other meats. A bonus here was that the mimosas were included in the price. This place is not about the quantity. In fact, it’s really more about the quality. Everything felt hand selected. Note that if you get sushi, the wasabi and the ginger is right next to it on the buffet table. But you have to ask your waitress for soy sauce. Tried and true.

#2: Bellagio
This buffet has Kobe Beef –enough said! Okay, it’s American kobe beef. The selection is large so I recommend you not go crazy with your first plate. Pace yourself by serving small portions on your first serving, then leave room for seconds and thirds. I loved the paella, stuffed ravioli, clams and the muscles in seafood broth. Oh, did I mention kobe beef. Come on!

#1 The Undisputed King of All Vegas Buffets: Rio
I know, I know… it’s off the strip and it’s far. But trust me, buddy: this is buffet eating at it’s best! Take a cab and have the driver with the smelly armpits drop you off at the buffet entrance. If not you will be walking for a while. Trust me. Make sure you’re not too hungry when you arrive because the line is almost always long. However if you go for brunch on Sundays to Thursdays (9am-11am), the line is short.

I love this place because the selection at Rio is the best: Asian (all types), Mexican, Americana (I don’t know why you would get chicken tenders and fries), Mediterranean, French, Italian, Brazilian, it has it all.

If you’re in the mood for lots of seafood, I suggest you purchase the seafood buffet addition. Ask the cashier about this before you enter. Also, they have plenty of made-to-order items like pizzas, Chinese noodles, Japanese udon soups, Italian pastas and French dishes. All you have to do is ask the chef behind the counter for a custom order.

Over all mega tip: Sign-up to the rewards program. The Total Rewards Program for Planet Hollywood, Caesar’s, Rio, Harrah’s, Flamingo and Paris gives you a discounted price of $45 for 24-hour access to all of their buffets which allows you to eat at any of them as many times as you like.

When testing my list of Sin City’s King of Buffets, step into the buffet line, unbuckle your pants and keep eating until they kick you out.

Bon Appetit!