6 Awkward Live TV Moments

By January 6, 2017Otro Rollo
By | January 6, 2017

Live TV can be scary. Often hundreds or thousands of people are sitting in the other side of the screen waiting for you to make a mistake. If you sat through Mariah Carey’s 2017 New Year’s Performance aired from New York, you were probably cringing and watching with one eye shut. Hey, we love Mariah but to ease the awkwardness of her performance in Times Square, we decided to show you 6 other awkward TV moments in history.

  1. Ashlee Simpson
  2. The rock and roll younger sister of Jessica Simpson had her fair share of awkward moments including a lip-sync fail on SNL when her band began playing the wrong song. However, we chose this moment instead. Simpson gets boo’d off stage during a football halftime performance and get criticized for her singing. Maybe lip-syncing would have been good in this case.

    2. Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake Super Bowl XXXVIII halftime show
    During the performance, Timberlake ripped the top part of Jackson’s outfit letting the cameras get a sneak peak of her breast. It was a fast second of exposure but enough to make this on our awkward TV list and a talked-about moment in TV history. Later Justin went on to say there were bigger things in the world to worry about. Touché.

    3. Beyonce’s unflattering pictures
    Although her actual TV 2013 halftime Superbowl performance was flawless, the photos didn’t quite match. Buzzfeed uploaded the high definition photos on their website when Bey’s camp immediately asked them to take it down. So what did Buzzfeed do? They kept them up and shared the email to the public. In her defense, she was just giving it her all.

    4. TV Reporter quits on live TV
    Known as the legendary Charlo Greene from KTVA, who quit her job with an epic boom as she admitted to focusing her time full time to her Alaskan Cannabis Club which she had reported on previously. Greene had been reporting on the club without making connections to herself. She now faces a serious 24 year sentence. Geesh.

    5. Steve Harvey announces the wrong Miss Universe winner
    Talk about AWWKWARD. Miss Universe 2015 host Steve Harvey accidentally announced the wrong winner on live TV. He gave the crown to Miss Columbia when it really belonged to Miss Philippines. Steve took full responsibility and even invited both ladies to his show, The Steve Harvey Show, separately. Both the ladies and Steve were able to laugh it off and move on.

    6. Madonna falls off stage
    Okay, we give it to her. This was probably the most graceful fall of all. It looks like an outfit malfunction caused the pop-star to come tumbling down during the 2015 Brit Awards but she got right back up and gave an amazing performance! Madonna refused to watch the video of this fall claiming she just wanted to move on.

    Okay, now that we made you watch those awkward videos here is the most latest awkward video that inspired this all.