10 Fun Free Things to Do This Weekend

By Roland VicSeptember 28, 2016Food & Drink
By Roland Vic | September 28, 2016

Peeps in LA and the OC are currently looking for Halloween costumes (specifically Harley Quinn’s outfit) or drinking pumpkin spice beverages.

If you want to try out new, non-seasonal things this weekend, take a look at the list below.

These are not just untypically fun activities but they’re FREE!

1) Join a beer league 

Do you love competition? Do you love good beer? Attend the signup event today Thursday at 7pm. Meet existing and new rollers, throw back some cold ones and prepare to compete at 2017’s national championship!

2) Meditate and binge on a veggie lunch

Learn the fundamentals of Chan Buddhist meditation, reduce stress, increase your concentration and restore balance in your life for FREE! Ok, a donation is suggested.


3) Network with photographers and models 

Don’t know how to start your portfolio? Looking to make new connections for future gigs? Go to this cool hangout and network with others in the same industry as you.

4) Cook and sample 

Cook a delicious crispy skillet cornbread with honey butter, get a complimentary coupon and learn how to properly maintain cast so you can keep your grandma’s pans #ForeverFresh

5) Head to the beach

This weekend’s forecast can be blissfully more enjoyable if mixed with a bit of sand and sea! The only thing you should spend some serious cash on is SMORES!


6)  Take a Downtown LA tour 

Explore Downtown’s restaurants, museums, shopping and housing alternative. Living in Downtown LA is hotter than ever, you’re about to find out!


7) Cleanse your aura 

Help allow foreign energies to release from your body & aura. When you release these energies you bring more of your own life force energy in and have more freedom to do what you want to with your life.

8) Test a Halloween Maze 

If you’re like Sia and are into chip thrills, then you must check out Maze Quests’ “Clinic” (18+) and “Queen Anne’s Revenge” this weekend!

Groups of 2-6 are welcome to RSVP at [email protected]


Photo from YogalutionMovement.com’s Facebook

9) Take a free yoga class 

A free of charge yoga class overlooking the Pacific Ocean? Can’t get better than this! Try it out this weekend from 11am to noon.

10) Have a picnic at the Griffith Observatory

Pack a few sandwiches and head out to the gorgeous view the Griffith Park has to offer. Parking is a pain, but if you get there extra early or after 2pm you’ll be fine!