Suppa Cute Mexican Accessories for El Grito

By Grecia HSeptember 14, 2016Edúcate
By Grecia H | September 14, 2016

On September 16 of 1810 Father Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, a rebel at ♥…

Gave an awesome speech during mass inviting everyone present to join him and his squad (Ignacio Allende & Mariano Abasolo) to fight against the Spanish monarchy in the name of God.

That is how the war for Independence began and why now Mexicans enjoy a three day weekend mid-September.

To celebrate “El día del Grito” in style, here are a few cool fashion accessories you’ll LAV!


Ideal size to get some snacks into the movie theater:


This weekend we highly advice you to be lazy in style on a colorful hamaca:


Don’t have a drinking partner? How about one of these cute friendly Mexican dolls?


Forget about paying Toms, over $100 ..


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Want a carefree, trendy outfit?


Statement Jewelry? You got it!


A cute belt to complement your outfit?


Look Pretty in Pink with this gorgeous blouse!


Flaunt your inner sexy charro (Don’t forget the mustache!)


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Now you’re ready!

Ay Ay Aaaay!