6 Things Bound to Soon Happen in California “Election edition”

By Nacho MarianoNovember 10, 2016Edúcate
By Nacho Mariano | November 10, 2016

Besides voting for our country’s next president, Californians were given the option to choose YAY or Nay on 17 state propositions.

Based on some of the results here are a few of the changes we shall see within the next couple months…


1) People will now LEGALLY grow pot at their casa

There will be a cultivation tax on growers ($9.25 per ounce for flowers and $2.75 per ounce for leaves).


2) We will carry our groceries in cute canvas

Plastic grocery bags are now banned but they will be available for purchase at 10 cents each.


3) Cigarettes will be extra expensive

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Turn on volume! #Repost __________________________________ !! VOTE NO ON PROP 56 !! __________________________________ Did you know that Proposition 56 in California will affect more than just a $2/pack on cigarettes? An equivalent tax of 62-68% tax is imposed on all vape products (coils, liquid, devices, etc) and even cigar taxes will be raised! Our goal is to raise awareness that small businesses like ours may end up closing doors forever. It's not only going to affect big tobacco, it's going to send hard working Californians to the unemployment line, and vapers back to smoking! For those of you unaware, there is a "Floor Stock Tax" for retailers, so if a store has $100k in wholesale vape inventory, they have to pay up to $68k in retroactive taxes! It's #taxtortion to stay open! *This free video created was not paid for by any independent businesses, smokers and vapers depicted in this video, and not authorized by any Proposition 56 committees. #SaveVapeCA #noonprop56 #sayNO #california #taxes #prop56 #proposition56 #calivapers #savevaping #cigarette #sintax #smoking #vaping #instavape #vapelife #vape #vapor #vapers #vapelife #smallbusiness #savesmallbusinesses #liesanddeceit #adaywithoutvape #bayareavapors #politics #coilarchitect

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Be ready to pay $2 dollars more for that precious packet of yours! Small businesses are not happy about this….


4) Future generations will have a multicultural education

Proposition 58 repealed the bilingual education ban, public schools will soon offer students bilingual and multicultural programs.


5) Porn will remain the same

As 53.9% of Californians voted NO on the requirement for pornographic actors to wear condoms.


7) Some peeps will move to Canada

Although the country’s immigration website keeps on crashing due to traffic so good luck with that…