5 Things you can say you learned this week

By December 16, 2016Edúcate
By | December 16, 2016

The latest on technology, stress and comfort foods.


These are great conversation starters for your upcoming holiday parties, posadas and family festivities. 

Take a look…


1. Facebook Messenger takes on Snapchat

Facebook Messenger rolled out a new feature that might be summed up as “Snapchat filters times infinity.” According to TechCrunch, Facebook Messenger’s camera update will take what you type and generate an “infinite number” of overlays.

While Snapchat seems to enjoy experimenting with new overlay ideas every week and keeping the ones that stick, Messenger will offer overlays limited only by your creativity.  Check out a demonstration here:


2. Verizon seals deal on exploding Note 7’s

As the final chapter in the saga of exploding Samsung Note 7’s comes to a close, The Verge reported that Verizon will, in fact, be wirelessly bricking the remaining devices on January 5th.

Last week, Samsung created a new update to render the remaining Samsung Note 7’s useless, but has left it up to the discretion of their carriers to decide exactly when to roll out the update. Verizon had previously been against the update, not wanting to ZAP users’ phones in the middle of holiday turmoil.


3. Researchers uncover breakthrough in reversing the aging process

Inspired by the science of lizard tail regeneration, the New York Times reports that researchers at Salk Institute are another step closer toward helping you live forever.
Okay, so they haven’t literally “reversed” the aging process but, fortunately for a handful of lab mice, the institute has “lengthened their life spans by 30 percent.” The research holds promise in unlocking the mysteries of aging in humans and could help rejuvenate organs.


4. Whipped-cream shortage plagues the nation

Coffee and dessert lovers might be in for a rude surprise. The nation is currently entering a whipped-cream drought ever since a nitrous oxide plant explosion in August. According to disappointed Tweeters, they’ve discovered coffee and supermarket chains have been issuing apologies for the shortage. The factory anticipates a full restocking as late as February 2017.

5. Stress-eating is totally fine if you do it correctly

A new study takes all the fun out of stress-eating by reporting that healthy super foods are better for battling stress than comfort foods.
According to the study, the nutrients found in super foods–like nuts, blueberries, and all those delicious leafy greens we love so much–can all help naturally reduce your stress levels.

Comfort foods, on the other hand, will send your body all the wrong signals and actually provide more stress. Choose your snacks carefully!