Possible Game Changing Twist for Stranger Things Season 2?

By David SomersetAugust 22, 2016Cine y TV News
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By David Somerset | August 22, 2016

If you haven’t seen the first season of Stranger Things, STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING AND GO WATCH IT RIGHT NOW. Seriously, there’s only eight episodes. You can finish it all in the course of an afternoon and then chill with your boyfriend, girlfriend, significant other, life partner, friend with benefits, or whoever after.

Hell, they should probably be watching with you anyway because if they haven’t been staring at you with their mouths agape when you’ve said that you hadn’t seen it yet then they’re in the same boat. Not to mention, you’re likely just saving yourself some time by not having to question their sanity later on as you continue to beat it through their heads that they need to just take the couple of hours to watch the show.

And now, for the spoilers.

Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven in Stranger ThingsAt the end of Season 1, everyone from Stranger Things is all happy happy joy joy as Will has finally been saved from the Demogorgon and brought back from the Upside Down. Of course, nothing can ever fully end with a completely happy ending, which meant that ultimately we’d end up having to think that Eleven ended up sacrificing her life to save everyone else, something we ultimately found out wasn’t true when Chief Hopper ended up dropping off some Eggo’s in a chest in the woods.

Something which implies she’s still alive and just has been hiding.

But why was she hiding? The Demogorgon’s been destroyed and so has damn near everyone else that had turned her into a science project and all her friends would love to welcome her back to the fold. Especially Mike, since dude’s not likely to get a girlfriend anytime soon and he’ll likely need some more protection from Troy who probably won’t be able to convince his mom to move so that he can be in another school district that doesn’t include kids knowing about him wetting his pants.

Fortunately, we may already have an answer for that in another theory that was proposed by Uproxx. While this theory has to do more with the relationship between Eleven and the Demogorgon, if this is true, and if she were to realize the truth behind it, this could very well explain why El wouldn’t want to be found and furthermore, set the stage for a major turn in what we’d already thought was true after season one.

Normally, we’d toss a lot of the fan theories to the side simply because they generally seem like it’s people looking too far into things, but in this case, we maybe haven’t looked into it far enough.

Only time will tell what will happen, but before you start getting all jaded on the fact that one of your favorite new TV characters may actually be a raving psycho on the inside, here’s a video of her getting her head shaved in preparation for the role.