Blade Runner 2049 Releases First Clip

By September 11, 2017Movie Trailers
Ryan Gosling in Blade Runner 2049
By | September 11, 2017

It’s been decades since Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner first graced screens across the world (35 years to be exact), but throughout that time, the tale of soon-to-be-retired Decker having to track down Replicants, or Androids who have escaped back to Earth, has gone from critical panning to becoming a cult classic. One with a strong enough following to have become one of the first films introduced on DVD. And one with a strong enough following to designate a sequel 35 years later.

And while the first film questioned the humanity of advancing robotics technology which had grown so much that the developers were able to integrate memories into the archives of the Replicant CPUs, the trailers for the second, thus far, have made it seem like the Replicants are now preparing for war with the humans who have tried to keep them from evolving, or at least experiencing a life outside of their expected roles.

More than likely, we can still expect to deal with questions regarding the humanity of the Replicants, especially as Harrison Ford is returning in the series; however, given Rachael’s character from the first installment, is it also possible that perhaps Tyrell’s work continued and Replicants were further given memories in order to convince themselves that they possess human essence?

That’s what the first clip from Blade Runner 2049 seems to question as Ryan Gosling’s Officer K meets up with Lennie James’s yet to be named character. Walking in to a den of Replicants who are all salvaging metal for the colonial ships, it’s telling that so many Replicant children are standing up and putting their hands on K. Perhaps even moreso that James refers to others, “and they were men,” as having tried to shut down his operation.

Of course, this is all just speculation, and perhaps K is just in there looking for the Replicant sympathizer, Deckard, while the children are all seeking to escape the slave like conditions in which they’re being held, but undoubtedly, this should raise additional questions regarding Gosling’s character and how he fits in while trying to keep humanity from being wiped out of existence.

We’ll finally get our answers on October 6, 2017.

Image Credits: Warner Bros.