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By July 13, 2017Movie Reviews
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By | July 13, 2017

A horror film, when done correctly, should keep people on the edges of their seats even long after the movie has ended. However, far too often, horror films are reliant more so on cheap scare tactics while the characterization can be considered flimsy at best. Ironically, this isn’t the case with Wish Upon, the new horror film from Annabelle Director, John R. Leonetti.

While not necessarily a horror classic by any stretch, the movie wastes little time in getting to the blood and guts as well as the meat of the story, Clare Shannon’s wishes and the results of said wishes. Where it’s also surprisingly successful, is in the attempts at humor, which at times seem to be almost over the top in the amount that comes from the script and, primarily, Sydney Park’s Meredith McNeil. However, it’s also this humor that makes the film unique from other typical tween targeted horror flicks.

Sure, there’s no shortage of typical stereotypes.

Joey King in Wish Upon

Joey King stars as Clare Shannon in WISH UPON, a Broad Green Pictures release. Credit: Steve Wilkie / Broad Green Pictures

High school movie focusing around one girl who tends to be bullied. The plot ultimately building towards some event where everyone from the school will be involved. Said girl having a crush on… well, we won’t necessarily give that away, but face it, even if we hadn’t said anything, you probably would have known it was coming and then some.

However, despite the predictability in the story, there’s plenty of moments where the film intentionally attempts to keep the viewer guessing. And if not guessing, relying on the creepy music of the box as well as other set ups to tease the next death while drawing out the suspense to tease the impending brutality.

As a result, Wish Upon is a movie that will also likely leave teenagers hoping that none of their friends have a magical wish box and the studio with the next potential teen horror franchise.

Wish Upon hits theaters July 14, 2017 nationwide.