Spoiler Free Reviews: Star Trek Beyond

By David SomersetJuly 21, 2016Movie Reviews
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By David Somerset | July 21, 2016

Following the release of the first Star Trek Beyond trailer, Trekkies everywhere felt some trepidation in regards to how the third movie in JJ Abrams reboot would end up turning out. As a series, Sci-Fi fans have always held the films’ abilities to remain within the realms of scientific possibility as being somewhat sacred.

With Justin Lin at the helm, as opposed to Abrams (who was unable to deliver the same excitement in the second chapter as he was in the first), it seemed the series was already beginning to veer onto a new course. One in which stunning visuals surpassed the opportunities of standing upon a believable reality. And one which notably would have turned out more like Fast and Furious in space had their fears actually become reality.

Star Trek Beyond Comic Con PremiereSure, the visuals that Justin Lin is so well known for are included in the movie, especially when showcasing Yorktown and during battles between Idris Elba’s big bad and his sidekicks (which also features a respectful Easter Egg reference for JJ Abrams fans), even then the effects caused are not without reason. Or at least a reason greater than, “Crap, I’m trapped. Might as well try and drive this car from one skyscraper to another and another in order to escape.”

Instead, Lin manages to stay true to the Star Trek format wherein he creates his own universe that closely resembles what had already been established by Gene Roddenberry. The big bad is new, thankfully, as opposed to the Khan that was so horribly kept a secret in Into Darkness, but he also maintains a connection to the Federation that helps drive the plot as do many other keys that are seemingly introduced innocently enough only to become larger factors in the grand scheme of things.

As a result, Star Trek Beyond not only will manage to keep Trekkies happy with their most recent installment, but it will also keep fans of action movies happy as well, or at least action fans who don’t expect to see a movie where they’re not blowing something up every five minutes and calling it plot development.

Star Trek Beyond comes out July 22, 2016 and is recommended for Trekkies, Action Fans, Girls who think Chris Pine is hot, and people who aren’t wanting to see a scary movie like Lights Out.