Spoiler Free Reviews: Nerve

By David SomersetJuly 26, 2016Movie Reviews
Emma Roberts as Vee in Nerve (2016)
By David Somerset | July 26, 2016

Less like a Tween movie, and more of a social commentary in regards to why we can’t have nice things, Nerve focuses on how much humans expect boundaries to be pushed in order to stay entertained, while also remaining inherently relevant in modern technology even if the film is supposed to be taking place in 2020.

Focusing on Emma Roberts and Dave Franco as characters who have elected to participate in a game of Dare or Dare, the two begin by getting seemingly innocent enough tasks that increase in difficulty and risk factor as the dollar value increases, taking what’s a kiss for a stranger to challenges that can ultimately result in death.

Emma Roberts Trapped in NerveWhile this may sound relatively cheesy, it’s this build up that ultimately helps us relate to the characters even more, and what ultimately ends up making the movie more thrilling for the audience.

That being said, those going to watch the movie should not expect the film to be some groundbreaking existential examination of the human psyche. While it does provide the aforementioned social commentary, there isn’t any great philosophical insight that the movie provides. However, this still works in the movie’s favor because it doesn’t set out to have that effect and instead looks to establish the basis for a story that is entertaining while still rooted within the realms of possibility.

And as such, the movie succeeds in a way that should be able to keep male and female audiences happy, which means those looking for a more than decent date movie would not be disappointed in Nerve as opposed to the cases where one partner has to seem like they’re happy being dragged along to a movie that they already know they’re going to hate in their minds.

With elements of romance, adventure, action, and humor, Nerve is one of those movies that can appeal to most moviegoers.

Nerve hits theaters nationwide on July 27, 2016.