Spoiler Free Reviews: The Lego Batman Movie

By David SomersetFebruary 8, 2017Movie Reviews
Michael Cera as Dick Grayson and Will Arnett as Batman in The Lego Batman Movie
By David Somerset | February 8, 2017

Before the movie’s even started, you can already tell that The Lego Batman Movie is going to be funny. And no, it’s not from the trailers. It’s not from the kids in the audience reciting the Lego Batman commercials they saw on TV. It’s not even because you’d seen the first Lego Movie, which led to him getting his own spin off, and remember how funny you thought he was there because this standalone film doesn’t require any previous knowledge of the Lego Batman persona from previous films.

No, it’s something that needs to be experienced as just listing off any of the jokes wouldn’t do justice to the Justice League member, especially not in Will Arnett’s voice.

Where it is similar to the aforementioned Lego Movie is that it’s one of those movies that can entertain not only kids, but also adults by throwing shade at the Marvel Universe, while also including various jokes regarding the Batman canon that likely would go over the heads of most kids, but are put in a way that they’d still find funny.

However, just as many of the jokes come early and often, the film ends up shifting to a more serious tone somewhere around the halfway point and with the jokes starting to die down, the film relies more on pacing and special and visual effects all while building up to the moral message that eventually takes center stage, a lesson which will hopefully resonate with the audience given the current political climate.

As such, it’s a great family movie that can also double as a good date movie if you’re both in the mood for a comedy.

The Lego Batman Movie will hit theaters nationwide February 10, 2017.