Fernanda Ulibarri shines at Al Borde Acoustic Sessions

By Al Borde TVMarch 7, 2013Al Borde Legacy

Mexican indie singer/songwriter Fernanda Ulibarri, who gained popularity after her 2008 tour with Julieta Venegas, headlined the March 6, 2013 Al Borde Acoustic Sessions that took place at the Al Borde lounge. Captivating the limited number of guests in attendance, headliner Fernanda Ulibarri performed songs from her “Atoma” album release and kicked off her set with her popular “Mundo” single.

“Al Borde has been supporting my music since the album came out,” said Ulibarri. “Everything has been in the digital world so now it’s nice to finally be here in this location.”

With her uplifting melodies, the indie rock performer charmed the animated crowd as she was accompanied by Tony Reyes, former drummer for Los Abandoned, Gloria Estrada, former upright bass for La Santa Cecilia, and Eugene Toale, record producer for Las Cafeteras, on saxophone.

Of her current projects, Ulibarri shared that she will be shooting the music video for the cover she did for Gustavo Cerati’s “Cancion Animal” and will re release “Atoma” in a remixes version. “The re release will be a different turn, a new kick,” she said. “And once that is out I will do some shows to wrap up the album and then start writing new material.

In addition to Ulibarri’s performance, guests also enjoyed two live art contests presented by event sponsors Jack Daniel’s and Indio. Free Jack Daniel’s and Indio samplings, as well as appetizers, were made available to the 21+ attendees.

Guests received free tickets to the El Clasificado presented event on a first come, first serve basis, after having registered to the event from one of Al Borde’s e-blasts. Tickets for the next Al Borde Acoustic Sessions will also be given away in the same manner.