#DDLM2014 Music Even the Dead Can’t Resist

By Al Borde. Los AngelesOctober 1, 2014Al Borde Legacy
Día de los Muertos Festival Al Borde
By Al Borde. Los Angeles | October 1, 2014

Nueva Ola, Very Be Careful and Alianza Rebelde will make everybody dance on the Day of the Dead celebration in Long Beach.

The best eclectic annual Day of the Dead celebration is the one organized by your friends from Al Borde and El Clasificado. Boasting an overflowing creativity in the arts, culture and party mix, this year’s event is better than ever, especially with regards to the guest bands.

The celebration, which will be held on Saturday, November 1, in Downtown Long Beach includes a musical menu composed of joyful band, El Conjunto Nueva Ola, whose upbeat songs create cheerful atmospheres with their modernized cumbias wherever they go.

For those looking to dance, Very Be Careful will get you moving it with their contagious and popular Colombian Vallenato; even the dead can’t resist this music!

Also debuting will be, Alianza Rebelde, the local group of LA musicians who recently won “La guerra de las bandas.” In addition, we’ll have the presentation of Sonoclip, a unique group of six Venezuelan friends who are also LA locals, and with their crazy pop-rock, Carribean influenced mix.

Register to attend and win amazing prizes in the Best Day of the Dead in the history of Al Borde!

Just by signing up for our weekly newsletter and attending the event, you can claim a surprise prize by showing the confirmation email at the booth of Al Borde. And don’t forget to share it with your friends to help them learn about the newest in Latin-Alternative music, movies, and other cool prizes!

Not just satisfied with one prize, there’ll also be a raffle for all attendees with a prize valued at $ 1,000.

Don’t miss out on your chances for some awesome prizes, cool bands, and more!

Also, Al Borde wants to thank the City of Long Beach, District 1 for making this happen!!

Image Credits: Day of the Dead Celebration by Al Borde.