Shakira totally ripped off Guillermo’s “He Wolf”

By September 24, 2009Tubeando

By JimmyKimmelLive

Colombian bombshell Shakira was recently on the Jimmy Kimmel show promoting her latest single “She Wolf”. Little did she know that what was set to be just a regular promotional stop would turn into a “heated argument” as she was accused of plagiarizing not only the song but the video as well from Jimmy Kimmel’s very own Latin heartthrob Guillermo. If you don’t wanna listen to Jimmy and Guillermo’s rants, skip to the 1:10 mark and start watching “He Wolf”. It will totally crack you up. However, you must be very careful not to be eating anything at the moment because you may either throw up or choke on it… or both. Ch-ch-ch check it out, y a darle la bienvenida a la nueva super estrella del pop latino: Guillermo!