Ska Band Sekta Core Ready For US Tour – Insider with Jorge Salcedo

By December 9, 2016Conciertos, Music
By | December 9, 2016

With their 22 years of music and helping mold the Ska genre, Sekta Core prepares for their USA tour in December 2016.

The band of 6 kicks off the tour in the windy city of Chicago on December 11th at The Subterranean and wraps up Los Angeles on December 18th.

According to member Jorge Salcedo, vocalist, touring means no sleep, all work with a lot of play.

Sekta Core will be accompanied with well-known band Nana Pancha. Besides a reputable musical career, both bands are also long-life childhood friends making the touring experience that much more memorable.

When asked how Jorge thinks the band has been successful in maintaining such great fan and support momentum after all these years, he said that’s unknown to them but they are simply grateful to have the opportunity.

The band will be celebrating their 23rd anniversary in 2017 along with the preparation of a new album. 2017 will also bring the band their first visit and set of performances in Central America, which they’re all very excited for.

With two of the most influential ska bands of today on the same road, we can only imagine the fun they have.

Es como andar el una fiesta en volante,” said Jorge. “Parecemos hermanos de verdad.”

Free time for the guys is zero-to-none while on the road. The seven-show tour will be done in eight days, while their only day off the stage will be spent traveling. According to Jorge, if the band did have some down time, he would enjoy sparing it with fans and trying local foods in the area.

Ska music is mostly described as a mixture of rock and reggae. Like other Ska bands, Sekta Core faces the stereotypical labels that come with being a heavy rock band. Jorge says the key is to focus on the positive labels such as “energetic” and “fun” rather than the negative ones.

You can catch the band at any of the following dates and locations:

Dec 11th Chicago, IL at The Subterranean

Dec 12th New York, NY at Tobacco Road

Dec 14 Riverside, CA at Romanos Concert Lounge

Dec 15 Fresno, CA at Mezcal Lounge

Dec 16 San Jose, CA at Club Rodeo

Dec 17 Tijuana, BC at Black Box

Dec 18 Los Angeles, CA at The Union


To stay in touch with the band and their activities, follow them at @SektaCore on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.