Sonsoles debuts music video for “Mientras Te Vas”

By Angel AguilarMay 2, 2013AB's Top Music News, Music, Music Videos
By Angel Aguilar | May 2, 2013

sonsoles music video mientras de vas

Following the 2011 release of its independent EP, Otra Vez, Sonsoles has been working hard to earn a spot in the liking of music fans in L.A and beyond.

2012 was a year in which the LA based band took many little steps in an ascending career that gave Sonsoles the opportunity to serve as opening band for last year’s Super Estrella “La Tocada”, a spot they won after the band was named champion of the local radio station’s battle of the band’s-type contest. Since then, the band has enjoyed appearances on English and Spanish television, countless live shows, and most recently a performance at the 2013 Hispanicize conference in Miami.

Now, the band celebrates the release of the first official video from its 2011 EP, Otra Vez. Jose Hernandez, singer and guitarist for the band, spoke to Al Borde about the video for “Mientras Te Vas” and about the band’s plans for the future.

What concept did the video director’s come up with?
Patricia De La Rosa and Mark Chapman directed the video. Originally Mark had several great ideas for it but a few of them required that we did some acting. We didn’t think it was a good idea since we’re not actors and it probably wouldn’t feel right being that it’s our first video. So instead Mark came up with the idea of showing the song’s lyrics and thereby accenting what we were trying to convey through them.

Why film on a rooftop?

We were looking at different local spots but couldn’t find anything that really satisfied us. One day we were at our rehearsal space and came up with the idea to do it on the roof of the studio. None of us had ever been to the roof so we were pleasantly surprised to find such a great view of L.A. So the video means even more to us because it was filmed on the roof of where we practice and with a beautiful view of the city in which we live.
And there’s a new album in the works?
Yes, we’ve been busy writing a lot and at this point we have around 30 new songs. So we’re hoping to hit the studio and start recording as soon as we find a producer.

What can we expect from the new material?

In the past we’ve experimented with different sounds like hip-hop and Latin. But the new songs seem to be more rock-influenced so it’ll definitely be more of a Spanish rock album.

Will you be performing it soon?

We’re planning a few live shows, which we’ll announce through our social media. But we still need to confirm dates and venues. For now, we’re hoping to get our video out in different media outlets and support it all the way.