Queen Kali Uchis Is Back, Reigning With “Tyrant”

kali uchis
By | May 25, 2017

Retro-influenced and creative curator Kali Uchis released her first single off her debut album coming later this year.

Colombian singer-songwriter and director Kali Uchis premiered her first single “Tyrant” featuring British singer Jorja Smith and produced by Top Dawg Entertainment’s Sounwave off her upcoming debut album.

The track premiered on Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 earlier this week, exciting her fans of what’s to follow after 2015’s independent Por Vida LP release.

Uchis describes the anticipation of love’s downfall in this song, saying it is about “Wanting to stay in the haze of puppy love forever and never face the power struggles, because that’s your only real escape from the cold realities of life.” Love inevitably changes, but she makes it sound OK with her seducing vocals saying “Mira, mira, míralo (míralo, míralo)/Papi está rico, papi está guapo” knowing the man is enticing but also acknowledging that it’s merely the honeymoon phase.

Her upcoming inaugurating album will contain her distinctive self-directed visuals as per usual with collaborations with psychedelic band Tame Impala and funk enthusiast Bootsy Collins. After seeing her social media flaunt Paris, we can’t wait to see what emballant visuals she’s working on to accompany her new material.

Last month, Colombian musician Juanes released their duo song and video for “El Ratico”. Prior to that, Uchis was also featured on “She’s My Collar”, a track on the Gorillaz album Humanz. There’s no border or limit for what a cultured and outspoken artist can do. Bottom line is that his empowering musician is leaving her mark on all genres she dips her lullaby voice in. Like she mentioned in social media, her past music was her at a younger age, it is time for her audience to get to know her present self… and we are ready, Kali.

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