Heroes del Silencio Live in Germany

Heroes del Silencio live in germany

“Gira del Espíritu del Vino”, the promotional tour for “El Espíritu del Vino”, the third studio album by Héroes del Silencio, took the Spanish rock band to new heights by physically allowing them to debut their on-stage intensity and full throttle euphoria to European cities, one of which was Koblenz, Germany. The performance, which was filmed by a local television network, is now referred to as a historical jewel since it shows the cross continental power of both the band and of rock en español music.

Now, that live recording is available to the public by means of a 14-track album and DVD. The cd is out now and the video component of the exclusive edition is scheduled for release on February 21st.

Along with the release of this project, the band has re-launched their website as well. Heroes del Silencio remains one of the legendary Spanish rock bands with roots going back to the late 80’s and with a timeless discography that is being re-discovered and revised by modern technology.

With the CD+DVD release, and having sold more than 7 million albums in 37 countries worldwide, Heroes del Silencio brings back memories of an era that persists even more so today.


1. Decadencia
2. Flor De Loto
3. Hace Tiempo
4. Hechizo
5. La Herida
6. La Sirena Varada
7. Los Placeres De La Pobreza
8. Maldito Duende
9. Oracion
10. El Camino Del Exceso
11. Entre dos Tierras
12. Nuestros Nombres
13. Olvidado



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