Campo leaves the Grammy’s with high hopes in hand

By Ángel AguilarFebruary 14, 2013AB's Top Music News

Although Campo’s self-titled release did not win them this past weekend’s GRAMMY for “Best Latin Rock, Urban or Alternative Album” (that award went to Quetzals Imaginaries), the Uruguayan combo feels excited about the exposure the nomination will give them.

“This is a small and young project that was released independently and only in digital form,” said Juan Campodonico, founder of the band. “So, being on that red carpet and doing interviews with reporters from all over the world was like a fantasy for us.”
The Internet has obviously helped Campo gain worldwide exposure as well. The band’s social media reach is in the thousands and is strong in countries outside of its native South America, too. That type of immediate accessibility to larger markets- along with the intricacy of music currently coming out of Uruguay, is evident in this year’s SXSW Music showcase, for example. 
“SXSW Music: Uruguay Showcase” will feature seven acts that represent the cultural revolution of the region’s contemporary music. Max Capote, Franny Glass, Malena Muyala, Martin Buscaglia, and Tatita Marquez, will accompany Campo at the event, which is taking place at Speakeasy on Wednesday, March 13.
“There are talented musicians who are now willing to take their music out on the road and into other countries,” said Campodonico. “These nominations and special events are a great platform for all that music to be heard by someone who may not even know it exists.”
Aside from the SXSW showcase, the musician and producer will embark on a North American Tour in support of Presente, the latest release from his other music project, Bajofondo. According to Campodonico, there is a high possibility that another Campo album be out later this year. For now, his North American Tour 2013 in support of Presente will begin on March 18 at the Henry Fonda Theaters in Los Angeles.
“You know, not winning the award doesn’t even bother us,” he said. “For us, it’s an enormous accomplishment just to have been nominated, and besides, maybe losing is the new winning.”