Al Borde’s “Battle of the Bands” Finalists

Al Borde Battle of the bands

Meet the lucky group of bands who will perform at the Al Borde Acoustic Session tonight!

We’ve been committed to building the Latino indie/alternative music scene for the past 11 years. And for the first time we wanted to launch a contest that will make bands compete against each other. That’s right! It all started with the initiative to find new talent to play for our fans at Al Borde’s summer concerts, acoustic sessions, and Día de los Muertos concert.

Then we thought, why not recruit some bands that are not just popular already, but that are underground rising artists eager to show their passion and talent? We then opened registration and for an entire month we received a great number of bands wanting to join Out of the hundreds of contestants, 10 finalists were chosen and featured on our website for another round of voting.  Only three bands were selected from those 10 as our finalists ready to battle agianst the audience in a sound-off at our next Al Borde Acoustic Session on May 22nd. Now it’ll be up to the fans to help their desired band move forward to the next round to be claimed the winner. The winner chosen after May 22nd will then compete against other groups of bands at the summer concert on July 10th where finally, the best of the best will be selected to open the Día de los Muertos concert on November 2nd.

So let’s meet the lucky group of bands who will perform at the Al Borde Acoustic Session  tonight.

  • Band Name:  Bilingual Delinquents

We are an all female pop-rock music band who plays songs written in Spanish and English. Our goal is to create music with touching and powerful lyrics, enjoyed by all women. We started the band with Sarah on guitar and Barbara on vocals, then our bass player Tessa and our drummer Alejandra  joined the band and we’ve been together for one and a half years. We have a fusion of music influences like Rock, Pop, Ballad, Latin styles, Classic Rock, Punk, Blues and Rumba.  We are educated musicians as two of the girls attend the Musicians Institute in Hollywood.

  • Band name: Proyecto E

Proyecto E is an independent music production focused on creating songs with a message about social issues and the various human struggles we all share in our community. Our songs express the desire to create a  nostalgic yet progressive genre of Spanish Rock (Rock Español) embodying inspirational messages of overcoming challenges which is why we experiment with different words to best illustrate our lyrics during our writing process. This has been a collaborative effort thanks to Anthony Paredes on bass guitar, Moises Vasquez on drums, Alex Hernandez on lead guitar, Edward Pozuelos on rhythm guitar, Carlos Peralta as lead vocalist, and Kevin Techmeier, Mixing and Mastering Engineer.

  • Band name: Kronica Azul

Kronica Azul is an Indie Alternative Spanish Rock Band from Los Angeles whose sound carries the influence of both Mexican and American rock. Led by passionate and strong vocals, heavy drums and catchy bass lines with distorted yet melodic guitars, their sound is a unique blend of Modern and Classic Rock. Band members include brothers Rudy Ortega on vocals and Erick Ortega on bass, Vincent Ronquillo on guitar, Enrique Martinez on keyboards and Jose Medina on drums. We recently recorded  our 6 song DEMO at Lovejuice Studios in Riverside. We have performed at 2014 Unirock Breakout Tour in Plaza del Mariachi Boyle Heights, and at Carvin Sessions in Santa Ana. In addition, we’ve been featured on RadioToxiko, La Ligera 104.3FM,, Frecuencias Alteradas, and

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