Los Autenticos Decadentes Receive Their First Grammy Nomination

By Angel AguilarOctober 23, 2015AB's Top Music News, Music
Los Autenticos Decadentes
By Angel Aguilar | October 23, 2015

After 29 years of being in the music business, Argentine band, Los Autenticos Decadentes, have finally been recognized by the Latin Grammys and have received a nomination for Best Alternative Album for their latest album, Y La Banda Sigue.

Along with their Grammy nomination, Los Autenticos Decadentes have also been recognized as one of the best 5 artists in popular music in the past decade by the Konex Foundation in Argentina.

In Mexico, the band received a nomination for the “Lunas del Auditorio” award for “Best Alternative Show” for their tour of Mexico which included a sold out appearance at the Palacio De Los Deportes last February.

The Y La Banda Sigue tour had great success in countries like Argentina, Colombia, Peru and the U.S. and the tour will continue through the rest of 2015 and into 2016.

To talk about the Grammy nomination, we had the chance to talk with singer and guitarist Jorge Serrano and here’s a look into our conversation:

Al Borde – (AB) – How do you feel about finally being nominated for a Latin Grammy?

Jorge Serrano (JS) – We are very happy; this is something new for us and I think; within this, there’s also some recognition for our career, which we think is great as we are about to have our 30th anniversary.

Los Autenticos Decadentes album coverAB – What I also find interesting and refreshing is that although you have such an illustrious career, you can easily rest on your laurels and just play the hits on every tour, but you keep making new music and you are being recognized for it.

JS – Yes, we have always played and mixed all different genres of music, and we play around a lot with some popular genres, which are often looked down upon, but to us all genres have the same value and what is important is the message and to put aside certain genres of music, it would be some sort of musical racism and I think we have always strived to break down those barriers and we have always had an alternative and artistic attitude, we never tried to be commercial and we just wanted to get our message of diversity, peace, love, and saying no to borders, racism and judgments.

AB – In my humble of opinion, I think one of the reasons you have been able to stay on top for so long is that you don’t limit yourselves musically.

JS – From the beginning we knew we didn’t want to set any limits for ourselves because that would make us judgmental of other musical styles and without those limits, we can play anywhere and no one can tell us, “you can’t play here because this is a certain type of venue”,  and we have been lucky to play in all types of venues and stages and different types of people in different countries and we have had some of the most bizarre experiences one could imagine and probably we have experienced things that bands that only play only a certain type of music have never experienced and not only have we mixed all types of styles in our music, we have shared stages with all types of bands and artists.

The album Y La Banda Sigue can be found on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon.

The Latin Grammy’s will be broadcasted live by Univision on November 19 from the MGM Garden Arena in Las Vegas.