Enrique Bunbury’s New Album Palosanto

Enrique Bunbury

Enrique Bunbury has finished the recording of his highly anticipated new album of original music, “Palosanto”

Palosanto” has had an interesting voyage as the original demos for the follow up to “Licenciado Cantinas” were stolen from Enrique’s home in Los Angeles. Fortunately, Enrique was not bothered by it at all since he said the album was in his head and said this was an opportunity to improve the songs.

According to Spanish music magazine and website efe eme, the album was produced by Enrique Bunbury himself and assisted by Ramón Gacías, his longtime collaborator and drummer of his band, Los Santos Inocentes The album was by Jordi Mora and mixed by Tom Baker at Phantom Vox and Westlake studios in Los Angeles.

According to a press release by our friends at Criteria Entertainment, before the summer was over, Enrique Bunbury took to the task of shooting the video for his upcoming single in Spain, with the help of long time collaborator and friend Alexis Morante. Bunbury and Morante shared a nomination last year at the 2012 Latin Grammy Awards for “Licenciado Cantinas:The Movie”, in the “Best Long Form Video” Category.

Palosanto” will be released on CD, 2 vinyls and digital format. There will also be a deluxe version available which will include a digipack containing “Palosanto” as well as a live recording “Cualquier tiempo pasado… Live 2011-12″, with songs recorded at different venues from the “Licenciado Cantinas Tour”.

According to Bunbury’s official website, the song listing is as follows:

Palosanto 1st Part:

01. ‘Despierta’
02. ‘Más alto que nosotros sólo el cielo’
03. ‘Salvavidas’
04. ‘Los inmortales’
05. ‘Prisioneros’
06. ‘Habrá una guerra en las calles’
07. ‘Destrucción masiva’
08. ‘El cambio y la celebración’

Palosanto 2nd Part:

09. ‘Hijo de Cortés’
10. ‘Mar de dudas’
11. ‘Miento cuando digo que lo siento’
12. ‘Nostalgias imperiales’
13. ‘Plano secuencia’
14. ‘Causalidades’
15. ‘Todo’

For “Cualquier tiempo pasado… Live 2011-12″

01.‘Si no fuera por ti’. Ventura, California.
02. ‘La señorita hermafrodita’. Lima, Perú.
03. ‘De mayor’. Los Angeles, California.
04. ‘Contar contigo’. Querétaro, México.
05. ‘No me llames cariño’. Chicago, Ilinois.
06. ‘Una canción triste’. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
07. ‘Big-bang’. Guadalajara, México.
08. ‘Ahora’. Aguascalientes, México.
09. ‘San Cosme y San Damián’. Madrid, España.
10. ‘Nunca se convence del todo a nadie de nada’. Querétaro, México.
11. ‘El tiempo de las cerezas’. León, México.
Although no specific release date has been issued, “Palosanto” is expected to be out this fall.

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