Scariest Halloween Mazes in California

By Nacho MarianoOctober 11, 2016Otro Rollo
By Nacho Mariano | October 11, 2016

Starting late September and in some places until mid-November, every city puts together its very own haunted maze for locals to visit and paid to get scared.

If you don’t have the money or time to check out Universal Studios Horror Nights, here are some kind of spooky, eerily entertaining and worth-the-pay Halloween mazes: 

Because there is more to Halloween than slutty costumes and getting drunk at parties! (Is there really?)


revenge-of-the-ninja1) The Revenge of the Ninja

A supernatural phenomena seem to occur at the home to the Kage No Michi Ninjutsu clan, this martial arts studio, also known as a “dojo”, seems to be visited by spirits from another realm.  Walk-through time is about 7-12 minutes and is guaranteed to scare maze veterans and fresh meat alike. In order to provide the best haunt experience, we send groups of about 10 or so through the maze in intervals.  All ages are welcome; however, the maze is designed for maximum fear.

Cost is $5 – Maze is located in Torrance


blind-scream-haunted-house-min2) Blind Scream Haunted House

This is not a haunt for the faint of heart, you will be scared! Venture in 3 terrifying haunted houses in over 25,000 sq feet of pure exhilaration.

Blakcout: You hear a creature creepin’ up behind… you’re outta time…
Uncle Chuckles 3D Madhouse: The INSANIACS are twisted and demented and ready for victims, I mean guests.
Slaughter Shack: Lil Horrus is all grown up and wants to have you for dinner.

Cost is $10 per haunted house – Maze is located in Sonoma Valley


sinister-pointe-min3) Sinister Point

This is a SINGLE maze that breaks off at various points into 4 different realms. You can experience just one path or purchase an all night pass and get to experience them all. Maze contains interactive elements that may include contact with Ouija boards, tarot cards, crawling, total darkness, tight spaces and possible moments of being alone.  We strongly suggest guests be at least 13 years of age.

Prices start at $18 – Maze is located in Fullerton


haunted-trail-min4) The Haunted Trail of Balboa Park

This year, The Haunted Trail is CONJURING up STRANGER THINGS so terrifying that you may get a KRAMPUS as you scramble to escape the GAME A THRONES. Run the mile-long gauntlet with horror icons Freddy, Jason, Michael Myers, The Ring Girl, The Exorcist and Annabelle.

True to form, the Haunted Trail is not for children under 10 or the faint of heart. Experience an outdoor terror that is simply too big to house indoors.

Prices start at $25- Maze is located in San Diego


haunted-hayride-min5) Los Angeles Haunted Hayride

Inside the gates you will bear witness to the clandestine lives of their faction and in a shocking turn, will be commandeered by the society and sent into an initiation, confronting the GHOSTS OF HAYRIDES PAST…ON FOOT, FACE TO FACE.

That’s right, for the first time ever, guests will leave the safety of the hay wagon!!!

Ouija: House of Shadows
With a new partnership with Universal Pictures, “Ouija,Origin Of Evil” the legendary fan favorite demonic Dark Maze will leave you lost in the darkness.
Trick or Treat
The suburb of Hell welcomes trick-or-treaters to come face to face with its freakish occupants. You’ve always known your neighbors were a little off, so tonight let’s pull back the curtain. “Ding Dong!”
Become a part of the show at Theatre Macabre, ride the Scary-Go-Round, witness an enchanting light show, or visit a psychic.
Entrance ranges between $32-$60 – Maze is in LA


dark-harbor-min6) Queen Mary Dark Harbor

From the darkest depths of your deepest hidden fears, Dark Harbor is resurrected this fall with its cast of sinister spirits ready to deliver another season of blood curdling terror. Live your nightmares aboard the haunted Queen Mary and join our cast of ghouls, spirits, and undead for an unforgettable, frighteningly authentic haunted experience.

Tickets start at $10 – Queen Mary is in Long Beach, CA


delusion-maze-min7) Haunted Play : DELUSION

Delusion is interactive horror and suspense theater.  Imagine being a character in a horror/suspense film… connecting with actors in a way never experienced. You move through a dark, new world, immersed in a most unique theatrical experience.

NO ONE UNDER 21 will be admitted.

Tickets run around $60-$80, initial run are sold out, you must sign up to receive info on their next one! Maze is located in Los Angeles


hobbs-grove-min8) Hobb’s Grove

Fresno not only has a haunted house, but a maze and a hayride too!

The Forest: You too will feel the excitement as your heart races with anticipation! Look out for clowns and zombies! Isn’t it nice to feel so… alive?!
The House: The walls are like sponges, soaking up the laughter, gasps and screams of victims, young and old. Be careful not to take a wrong turn down a cold, dark, sinister hallway!
The Hayride: The Hayride is scary and fun…something the younger ones can handle because they are free to bury their face in their parent’s lap when necessary.

Tickets start at $16 – Maze is in Fresno


clown9) Talladega Frights

Central California’s Premier haunted attraction, Talladega Frights, returns this season with new scenes and scares! Come out for a full night of terror and experience our newest attraction, Cuentos del Infierno (Stories from Hell), where the dead stalk the corn!

Tickets start at $13 – Maze is in Bakersfield


coffin-creek-min10) The Asylum at Coffin Creek

Welcome to Coffin Creek Haunted House. You can now explore Coffin Creek for yourself. Visit 3 haunted attractions and Dark Shadow Marketplace in one location. Need more info? Think complete darkness, creatures hiding, chainsaws, haunted trails, scary hayride and spooky coffins.

Tickets start at $13 – Maze is in Corona


Let the scary games begin….