La Mascota: Tamales, Coffee, and Cakes in Boyle Heights

By David SomersetMay 3, 2016Otro Rollo
Frank Aparicio, La Mascota's New Owner
By David Somerset | May 3, 2016

LA residents know Mexican food. As the country neighboring on the state’s Southern border, it should come as no surprise that foods like tacos, burritos, tamales, and empanadas are readily available throughout the county in restaurants that aren’t named Del Taco or Taco Bell.

Sure, the chains are definitely here, but that also doesn’t mean that we don’t have quality, authentic Mexican cuisine located nearby including at La Mascota, a restaurant known for serving tamales and breads, which was taken over by Frank and Patty Aparicio in December of last year.

People who had gone to the restaurant before the change in ownership will still recognize the previous staff as well as many of the same items that had been on the menu before, but will also be pleasantly surprised by a couple of changes that have been implemented in the time since. By adding tables and chairs, the business can now accomodate dine-in customers, which has led to more business in the form of coffee drinkers who will stroll in around mid afternoon.

In addition, they’ve also done a bit of redecorating in the form of changing up the exterior design of the building by adding a mural to the outside walls and providing more of a native Mexican feel to the restaurant. Also added, was a mural outside the building and cakes that were reflective of the couple’s other business, Gigi’s Bakery, which is located nearby in Echo Park.

But now, customers looking for a little slice of Mexico coupled with a nice place to relax and enjoy a good Cup of Joe have a new spot in La Mascota, which is located at 2715 Whittier Blvd in Boyle Heights, CA 90023.