5 Criminals That Make You #SMH

By September 13, 2016Otro Rollo
By | September 13, 2016

In case you were having a tough day, here’s some individuals that probably had a worse day when getting caught for their crimes. We can’t make this up, people!

5. 19-year-old Love-Robinson from Florida was arrested for pretending to be a doctor…twice! The first arrest was earlier this year. A few months later, Love tried to buy a Jaguar for $35,000 in Virginia when the workers grew a little suspicious. They googled his name and found his record. Uh oh! He was using a random woman’s identity as a co-signer and made a purchase of $1,200 for two iPads and a cell phone under her name. Love-Robinson was charged with Identity Fraud, False Statements to Obtain Credit, and Obtaining Money by False Pretenses. He has no bond. Doctor’s order.

Love Robinson

4. Talk about quality bonding time. A father and son were arrested for stealing more than $40,000 in chicken wings from a New York restaurant they worked at. That’s a lot of chicken! Well, it wasn’t for them. The two were actually selling them to their competitors! The two were charged with grand larceny and falsifying business records.

Chicken Wing Meme

3. A man in Alabama did the unthinkable for some good ol’ beer. The 22-year-old posed as a delivery driver and went inside a grocery stores with a large cart. He loaded it up with cases of beer (and some soda) and calmly left the store. Um, what cha got there pal? Lol.

2. Now, wait. We’re all guilty of this act right there. An 18-year-old young man in Arkansas was arrested for filling his  water cup with soda at a McDonald’s. The story goes that he and his two friends drove through the drive-thru and ordered three large waters. They parked and went inside to fill the cups with soda. Things got rough when the manager stood behind their car and was hit. Geesh, man.

.Water Cup meme

1. Okay, this one is fair. Wanted for a DUI charge and refusing to appear in court, Donald Pugh didn’t like the mugshot cops posted of him online. How rude. Donald sent police a major selfie that read: “Here is a better photo that one is terrible.”  Police shared the updated photo (so polite of them) and were able to track him down on Facebook.