Who Negan Likely Killed After Michael Cudlitz’s Spoiler

By David SomersetAugust 30, 2016Cine y TV News
Negan's Lineup
By David Somerset | August 30, 2016

The Season 6 Finale of The Walking Dead pretty much caused a revolt among the fans who had waited out the entire season just to find out which character would end up on the wrong side of meeting Lucille. Many even said they were going to start boycotting the show while others just resigned themselves to the fact that they’d have spend a bunch of pissed off months before they’d find out exactly what happened.

And the show, for their part, has been doing their best to make sure that no one knows what the hell is going on, reportedly having filmed the deaths of every character involved in the lineup just so that no spoilers could get out, or so that no one would know what actually happened.

****While we’ll be getting into a little bit of a recap from last season, you should also be forewarned, there will also be SPOILERS AHEAD and potential spoilers as well****

Negan and LucilleUp to this point fans who have really wanted to know who ended up dying at the hands of Negan have generally been left wondering what’s been going on. Sure, there’s the spoiler sites where they share pictures and news of who’s been spotted shooting on set, but even then a couple pictures here and there don’t necessarily confirm anything as they could be used for flashback scenes, or returning as zombies (which is extremely unlikely given how much Negan likes to swing Lucille on someone’s head).

So, we essentially have Producers promising that a major character will meet their demise, which means that out of Negan’s lineup, speculators would assume that it would be one of Rick, Carl, Michonne, Glenn, Daryl, Abraham, and Maggie. This would leave Aaron, Eugene, Rosita, and Sasha as in the clear, and while one could argue that Eugene or Rosita could have ultimately met their demise since they’ve been around for just as long as Abraham, their deaths would basically be met with even more uproar since they don’t hold as much weight in the current story.

Carl was obviously in the safe zone based on the fact that Negan hinted that he should be killed if someone moved. Rick, well, the entire show pretty much revolves around him so he’s unlikely too.

Which leaves us with Michonne, Glenn, Daryl, Abraham, and Maggie.

To some degree, each of the characters seemed likely to be next in line, with the exception of Michonne, so we can likely remove her as a possibility, but then there’s the others.

MIchael Cudlitz as Abraham

Glenn: Who Negan actually kills in the books. Fans, however, were already outraged when he was seemingly killed off earlier in season six and his name was removed from the title credits just further fueled their rage. While he may have been planned to have been killed, producers may have second thoughts after pissing everyone else off so much already.

Daryl: Has already started filming another show for AMC. There’s obviously questions about how much time that would take away from his current schedule and if he’d be able to do both. Not to mention, he’s a character that’s not even in the original books so who knows with him. And if they’re going fan favorite, he’s pretty much the one guy no fan wants to see go.

Abraham: Based on the book, Abraham being in the lineup is even more surprising when considering that he was supposed to take the arrow through the eye that Denise ended up getting. While this may have been seen as something that Robert Kirkman wanted to right from the books, is it possible that he had actually wanted Abraham to take the bat as opposed to Glenn in the books? Not to mention, his primary storyline moving forward has been his falling in love with someone not named Rosita, so he’s expendable.

Maggie: Considered to be one of the strongest possibilities, but also one of the most vile, Maggie’s death would have set Negan up to be one of the coldest people alive for beating the head of a pregnant woman to a pulp, but, again, it does set him up to be one of the most sadistic characters we’ve seen yet. Not to mention, her social media account was filled with pictures of her not on set during the times that the rest of the cast was filming, but could have been a ploy to misdirect everyone.

And even from here, there’s still two more character’s that can be removed if we’re to believe the actors who were present at the San Diego Comic Con to promote the upcoming season, when Jeffrey Dean Morgan stated that he didn’t kill anyone sitting there at an interview with Kevin Smith:

Granted, he could have been talking about in his particular seat, but let’s face it, he’s on the spot having to figure out how to not give away the secret on the spot, so let’s just assume that he’s already saying that Glenn and Daryl are safe and we’re left with Abraham and Maggie.

That is, until potentially Michael Cudlitz decided to open his mouth in an interview with PopSugar specifically saying things like, “Her death spurs on a whole bunch of other stuff, and then the audience knows that Abraham will continue on for a while now. Now we get to see what a world with Negan and Abraham both in it will be like.” and “I can’t wait to get the script each week to see what thing is going to come out of this dude’s mouth next.”

Or essentially, I’m not the guy who’s going to end up on the other end of Lucille.

Lauren Cohan as Maggie

Which means we’re left with Maggie. R.I.P.

Granted, all of this is purely speculative at this point. There’s been rumors that two characters would die and Abraham was one of them and Glenn was the other, so who knows maybe Lauren Cohan was just misdirecting people and so were the other members of the cast and crew.

But if they didn’t…it’s likely the interview with Cudlitz not only ruined his fate, but also the fate of the person who ended up getting the barbed wire bat treatment.