Passengers: A Movie You Definitely Want to See

By David SomersetNovember 15, 2016Movie Trailers
By David Somerset | November 15, 2016

For months, we’ve gotten to hear about the movie that was going to star Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt, with the majority of the information getting to be about how they both shared a bottle of wine before they filmed their sex scene in the upcoming Morten Tyldum film.

Given the fact that they were the only two aboard a ship of 5000+ that managed to wake up earlier than expected, we’d imagine that they’d probably get a little frisky at some point, but what we didn’t expect was all the crap that would happen afterwards.

Starting off in what seems like a scene from The Shining, the film quickly devolves into more of a sci-fi thriller with crazy visual effects that likely are expected to pit this movie up for some sort of nominations come Oscar time.

Given the fact that it’s being carried by two ‘can’t miss’ actors, we’re also guessing that it’s going to be pretty badass too…

Passengers hits theaters everywhere December 21, 2016.