Mechanic: Resurrection Drops New Trailer

By David SomersetJune 23, 2016Movie Trailers
jason Statham in Mechanic: Resurrection
By David Somerset | June 23, 2016

As one of the last movies to come out before the summer movies end, Mechanic: Resurrection looks like it’s going to go into the non-stop action that’s come to be associated with most Jason Statham films.

Say what you will, but the dude’s consistent.

If you want some no nonsense fight scenes, crazy stunts, and a ripped dude who’s gotta batter his way out of every situation, there’s no one better to cast than The Stath.

And from the very beginning it looks like we’re going to be taking that action/adventure genre even further as the new trailer has him pulling a Mission Impossible:4/Tom Cruise-esque stunt. Which just means we can look forward to cooler visuals, and cooler stunts, regardless of how improbable they may be.

Mechanic: Resurrection will hit theaters nationwide on August 26, 2016.

Mechanic Resurrection Poster