Bad Santa 2 is Coming This Year

By David SomersetAugust 3, 2016Movie Trailers
Bad Santa 2 Willie Soke Beating Up Santa
By David Somerset | August 3, 2016

It’s been 13 years since Bad Santa was originally released to the delight of movie goers who’d grown tired of seeing the same old tired children’s movies year after year. This isn’t anything against Gremlins or The Nightmare Before Christmas, but given how many times we’d seen those, we needed something new to keep us from channel surfing and seeing that we basically could choose between The Santa Clause 1, 2, and 3, It’s a Wonderful Life, or Miracle on 34th Street.

Of course, we might have still be interested in Elf or Christmas Vacation if they hadn’t been on repeat everyday leading up to December 25th, but even then every story is pretty much the exact same – somebody who can be considered a relative innocent ends up getting in trouble, and then manages to inadvertently threaten to ruin Christmas (Oh no! Arnold may not be able to get the toy his son wants).

Instead, however, Billy Bob Thornton ends up being the guy who intentionally looks to destroy Christmas. He’s a degenerate drunk of an old man who’s looking for anyway he can make a buck no matter the costs. Sure. We end up getting the whole Christmas message at the end, but instead of laughing at the mishaps that accidentally happen to good people, we’re getting a Scrooge that’s no holds barred when it comes to language that’s cracking us up in a way that we can almost relate to, especially after we’ve spent a day trying to get all our Christmas shopping done.

And if you don’t agree now, just wait til you’ve finished this year’s holiday shopping, revisit that exact line, and you’ll know exactly what it means.

This time through, Thorton’s Willie Soke, joined by Tony Cox’s Marcus, decide to knock off a Chicago charity, run by Christina Hendricks, on Christmas Eve. Obviously, Soke’ll end up having the hots for her and the kid who was able to bring out Soke’s sense of humanity, Brett Kelly’s Thurman Merman, will all likely begin to throw wrenches in the plan, but none more so than Kathy Bates in the role of Soke’s mom who apparently is even worse than how bad we thought a bad Santa could get.

Bad Santa 2 will hit theater nationwide November 23, 2016.