Profesor Galactico Presents “Sonic Waves From Beyond”

By Ángel AguilarMay 3, 2012Album Reviews

Nicolas Curiel a.k.a. Profesor Galactico, the drummer for veteran L.A. ska band Roncovacoco, recently released the first album from his side project. Under the title “Sonic Waves From Beyond”, the album is one of the most eclectic and creative albums to come out of the ska scene in quite some time.

Profesor Galactico was involved in every single aspect of this album, starting with the writing of lyrics and music, to its production. “Sonic Waves From Beyond” is inspired by my life’s worst and greatest moments,” states Profesor Galactico.  “It’s sort of philosophical in its own way but the only one way to make sense of it is by listening to the album.” The end result, which is available on iTunes and the Amoeba Record Store in Hollywood, also encompasses his musical influences and skill of various instruments.

Lyrically, this album will take you on what seems to be a very personal journey. There are songs about life changes, death, and rebirth, as well as about the pits and up hills of love. The first of the 11 tracks on the album is a jazzy, funky instrumental called “Funky Fresh”, which sets the tone for the rest of the album and the combination of styles, and rhythms that follow.

“Juego de Ajedrez”, an old-style ska song which music video was released as the first for this album, will get your feet moving from the very first notes.  “XOXO” starts off as an acoustic ditty, which turns into a groovy reggae love song. “Tell Me” starts off like an old 60’s pop song, which is then taken over by a ska rhythm with an amazing trombone solo reminiscent of the great New Orleans jazz bands.

In promotion of the new album, Profesor Galactico will have several live shows coming up: May 5th at Big Cheese Pizza in Riverside; May 19th in Scottsdale, Arizona, May 26th in down L.A. and on July 28th at the L.A. Skacore Invasion Festival.