Watch Robert Rodriguez’s “The Black Mamba” Starring Kobe Bryant

By Al Borde TVFebruary 23, 2011Tubeando

If you have not seen it, you’re one of the few who haven’t experienced Kobe Bryant á la Robert Rodriguez. The director’s cinematography take of Kobe’s on-the-court alter ego was a collaborative project between the director, Nike, and Wieden+Kennedy Portland, and viewed by millions of Facebookers around the world during its weekend debut.

Of the film, the 2010 NBA MVP stated that it described the driving force of the Black Mamba which is “having the will to be fearless and relentless, while remaining confident and true to yourself, no matter what the obstacles.”

“The Black Mamba”, starring Kobe Bryant, Kanye West, Bruce Willis and Danny Trejo, is a Nike Basketball Production that showcases Kobe as he fights all who wish to destroy both him and the game.

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