Extreme Caterpillar Breakdancing

By October 1, 2009Tubeando

By jasonb80s

Ok, before you start wondering what the hell is caterpillar breakdancing, you must know that this video viene del otro lado del charco. Lo que se conoce en Inglaterra como caterpillar breakdancing is what we call “the worm move” here in the U.S. of A., with that out of the way, check out Jason Bradbury as he does the worm on the streets of London for almost a minute. The move itself its funny, but what brings the major LOLs is the fact that the dude appears to be possessed as he seemingly does waddles his way across town as if he was being controlled by somebody else… say a giant puppeteer. Not only are gonna end up laughing really hard, you’re also gonna find yourself fighting the urge to try the worm at least once… becareful though, you might loose a tooth.