The Essential Café Tacvba Song Lyrics You Need to Memorize Before Heading to Their Concert

By September 10, 2019AB's Top Music News, Music
By | September 10, 2019

Iconic rock en español trailblazers Café Tacvba are currently on the road celebrating 30 years since its formation. 

The band will be playing several of its hits spanning its seven studio albums when they hit the stage. 

If you are going to see them live, here are some song lyrics you need to scream at the top of your lungs during the concert!

1. Las Flores


Ven y dime todas esas cosas

Invítame a sentarme junto a ti

Escucharé todos tus sueños en mi oído

With a very simple invitation, Emmanuel del Real, the keyboardist for Café Tacvba, opened up a garden of emotion with the band’s 1994 hit, “Las Flores.” The genre-switching of huapango, rock and ska influences have made it a favorite of its fans.

2. La Ingrata

Ingrata, no me digas que me quieres

No me digas que me adoras, que me amas, que me extrañas

Que ya no te creo nada

The cheerful sound of this norteña/rock song makes it one of the band’s most well-known songs, but the band has taken a fierce stand against playing it live at concerts in honor of protesting the high rates of femicides in Mexico. Cross your fingers they will make an exception during their 30th anniversary tour.

 3. Eres


El tiempo que comparto, eso eres

Lo que la gente promete cuando se quiere

Mi salvación, mi esperanza y mi fe

The 2004 Latin Grammy Award-winning ‘Best Rock’ song captured the hearts of lovestruck rockeros with its soulful lyrics about the object of del Real’s affection.

4. María 

Sale sola de noche María
Pena por la ciudad
Recorriendo las calles que un día
Negó besos en la oscuridad

Watching the music video for Café Tacvba’s first hit single, we see how young lead singer

Rubén Albarrán looked! The sleepy guitar strings are some of the roots of the Café Tacvba we now know and love.

 5. Futuro

Es una cuestión de tiempo

Tan breve este momento

En que eres y en que soy

Tú mañana ya te fuiste

Y antes me dijiste

El futuro es hoy

 One of the band’s most recent hits, “Futuro” mixes electronica with what sounds like a tribal drum to sing some eerie lyrics about life and death. 

 6. Aprovéchate

Aprovéchate de mí, de que estoy enamorado

Aprovéchate que al fin te encontraste con un hombre así


Del Real is a master in his lyricism, and his words are on full display once again in this 2012 song. 


7. Chilanga Banda

Mejor yo me hecho una chela

Y chance enchufo una chava

Chambeando de chafirete

Me sobra chupe y pachanga


Ready to dive head-first into Chilango slang? The band tests your vocabulary with this fast-paced song. This might be the song you will need to memorize the most before heading to sing at the concert!