5 Songs That’ll Remind You To Love More

By | May 25, 2017

Songs to serenade your significant other with! Aw, que cute.

You’re either on this page because you’re crushing so hard that you want to feel gushy listening to this playlist or because you’re rolling your eyes thinking I’m about to put the most cliché and played out songs of the past decade.

Well, I sincerely hope it’s the first one.

Personally, I’m more of the eye-roller.

Thing about me is that I don’t really show love. But when I’m in love… oh, I’m in 100%. I’ll convince you that love is the best humanly emotion possible and that the person I’m currently talking about is the love of my life simply by the way I speak so highly of them.

That said, they’re most likely not. In fact, I compiled this list of songs thinking about someone I don’t want to think about anymore.

What a coincidence, right?

Anyway, because I’m always in love with life and friendships, I can assure you that my playlists are always and will always be playing the sweetest lyrics and the nicest phrases de amor, because above all love is what keeps us going.

Here are 5 of my favorite songs that’ll remind you to love more, full playlist on Spotify below.

1. “Rue Vieille Du Temple” by León Larregui.

“Me haces volar/Me haces sonar/Me haces sentir tranquilo en la obscuridad”

2. “Enamorada” by Café Tacvba.

“Yo te quiero decir que sin quererlo/Esta luz encendió un mundo para verlo/Mi universo se llenó sin tú saberlo/De un amor que llegó para siempre quererlo”

3. “Como Un Sol” by Inspector.

“Sabes cuanto te quiero/Si me faltaras me muero/Soy feliz si te veo sonreir/Y es tu vista/que me hipnotiza/Como un sol”

4. “Tú Si Sabes Quererme” by Natalia Lafourcade (Y Los Macorinos).

“Tu si sabes quererme, tu si sabes adorarme mi amor/No te vayas quédate por siempre, para siempre/Para siempre amarte corazón tu si sabes quererme”

5. “Yo Nací De Tu Piel” by Arthur White.

“Yo nací de tu piel/Libraste todo el dolor que tenía alguna vez/Tus besos llenos de miel/Bebí de tu sangre, y tu carne devoré”

Full playlist – enamoradx: