Raul Y Mexia, sons of Los Tigres Del Norte, debut first single “Las Escondidas”

By Al Borde NewsJanuary 31, 2013Music Videos

Raul Y Mexia are part of the new generation of American Latinos living a bicultural, bilingual lifestyle, which is reflected in their music, with diverse influences from hip-hop and cumbia, Latin ballads and electronic dance music. Growing up in a legendary family like Los Tigres Del Norte, Raul Y Mexia have a unique perspective on Latin music.

Judge for yourself and check out the music video for “Las Escondidas”, the first single from the duo’s upcoming album, which is out February 19. The single was produced by Grammy-nominated producer Toy Selectah, who recently hit #1 on the Billboard charts in the US and Mexico with 3Ball MTY’s “Intentalo”.

Raul Y Mexia’s debut single is now on iTunes.

video uploaded by: Nacionalrecords