LiLo Is No One’s Stupid Girl

By Hilda GabrielaAugust 2, 2012Music Videos

Every once in a while a heartbreak anthem will emerge from someone’s hurt and agony. This time, a collection of shared stories and personal experiences are what inspired “Estupida No Soy” (Stupid, I am not), a pop single from recording artist LiLo.

According to the artist, the story is that of deception and betrayal, where the betrayed ultimately gets the last laugh. The video for it, which was recently released, follows the sense of vulnerability that most affairs leave behind. It was filmed mostly in two intimate settings: a bedroom and a personal conversation with the betrayed, played by LiLo, as she sings directly to the camera.

Directed by Sergio Hernandez and filmed in Los Angeles, the single also highlights LiLo’s impeccable taste in fashion, featuring clothing from designer Louis Verdad and makeup by Tony Ynot.

The single is from the singer’s debut album “Te Quiero confesar” which is out now.

Check out the video of pain turned into triumph above.