Forever Farewell: Q&A at their L.A. Live performance

By Jeanette Hernandez / @JeanetteHndzJuly 26, 2013AB's Top Music News, Music
By Jeanette Hernandez / @JeanetteHndz | July 26, 2013


Los Angeles band, Forever Farewell.

Los Angeles band, Forever Farewell.

Who is Forever Farewell? Forever Farewell is a rock alternative trio formed in Los Angeles in 2010. They consist of vocalist/guitarist Henry, guitarist/vocalist Eric and drummer Afro. They currently have two albums out Vive Sin Miedo (2011) and Una Noche (2012).

After their great performance at L.A. Live at the Reventon Tailgate this Saturday, the boys and Al Borde met up quick to ask some questions to get a better feel of who they are.

Q: What influences the band’s music?
A: Everybody has different influences. We each grew up with different music, but it all incorporates together. Afro grew up to American rock bands like Blink 182 and New Found Glory, but he now listens to R&B. Henry listens and get influences by Coldplay and underground music. Eric grew up to the American bands as well but also European bands.

Q: What usually comes first: the music or the lyrics?
A: Both. We used to be more into music and melody first, but as we starting growing more, we started paying more attention into what we are saying in our lyrics. We are focusing more attention into our message lyrically to provide that positive message and recognition we are trying to accomplish.



Q: How did you guys meet?
A: Afro and Henry were in an English rock and punk band before Forever Farewell, afterwards Eric joined to what then we eventually made into the trio Forever Farewell.

Q: What would you guys consider your ultimate venue goal?
A: Madison Square Garden and Staples Center. Or to play at the Vive Latino.

Q: What is your favorite thing about performing live and making music?
A: You never know what is going to happen. It’s a win-win because you are doing what you love and when you get the reaction of the people it’s like they enjoy it too. The best feeling is when you see people singing your songs. It is that ultimate connection you have with your fans.

Q: What bands and artists have you guys shared the stage with?
A: We have shared the stage with many indie movement bands like Los Amigos Invisibles, Miguel Mateos, Moenia, Panda and Fobia. We also will be playing at the H2O Festival with Pitbull.

Check out them performing “Arriesgate” at L.A. Live here.