Draco Rosa Celebrates Life

By Angel AguilarOctober 24, 2013AB's Top Music News, Music
By Angel Aguilar | October 24, 2013

Draco Rosa live

At the Fonda Theater in Hollywood, last Saturday night, Draco Rosa played the second show of his Vida (Life) Tour in front of an expectant and excited crowd that was ready to celebrate the return of their musical hero.

Dressed all in black, with a hat and dark shades and his silver guitar over his shoulder, Draco started off the show with a raucous rendition of “Brujeria” which set the tone for the rest of the evening.

In contrast with his mostly acoustic and laid back show for the Latin Grammy Acoustic sessions at the Avalon a few weeks ago; on Saturday night, Draco Rosa seemed to have been possessed by the spirit of James Brown as he twirled and jumped around and played his guitar with almost wild instincts which made one wonder how it could be possible that that man on stage had recently recovered from cancer.

With great a sense of humor and an honest humility, Draco addressed the crowd in both Spanish, English and “Spanglish” and several times thanked his fans for sticking by him through the rough times of his fight and recovery from cancer and it was clear by his demeanor and energetic performance that Draco is a man who is indeed celebrating his new lease on life.

With great vigor and passion, Draco led his band, La Santa Orquesta Phantom Vox, through hits like “Esto Es Vida”, “Más y Más”, “Reza Por Mi”, “Penélope” and many more but without a doubt one of the most memorable moments of the evening was the performance of  a riveting slowed down version of Soda Stereo’s “De Musica Ligera”.

Draco Rosa will continue his Vida Tour through the United States, Mexico, Colombia and ending in his beloved, Puerto Rico.

Below are the rest of the tour dates that have been announced so far:

Robi Draco Rosa ‘s Tour

10/23/13                  Best Buy Theater                                                       New York, NY

10/24/13                  House of Blues                                                                        Orlando, FL

10/26/13                  The Filmore                                                                        Miami Beach, FL

10/30/13                  Auditorio Nacional Las Lunas                                    Mexico, DF

11/1/13                     Teatro Diana                                                                        Guadalajara, MX

11/2/13                    TBD                                                                                          Aguascalientes, MX

11/6/13                    Royal Center                                                                        Bogota, CO

11/8/13                    Pabellon Blanco De La Plaza Mayor                  Medellin, CO

11/9/13                    Carpa Show Club San Fernando                                    Cali, CO

11/21/13                  Latin Grammy’s                                                                        Las Vegas, NV

12/6/13                   Coliseo de Puerto Rico                                                      San Juan, PR

12/7/13                   Coliseo de Puerto Rico                                                      San Juan, PR