Ciudad Esmeralda by Syndrome Moscow

By Angel AguilarMay 15, 2014AB's Top Music News, Music
Sindrome Moscow interview
By Angel Aguilar | May 15, 2014

Ciudad Esmeralda

Originally from Spain, Aleks and Miguel have merged their best musical influences to create Syndrome Moscow and embark on the creation of songs that are resistant to the passage of the years as the great successes of Spanish radio have done so in recent decades.

Before the recording of their first album, they were selected by the prestigious brand of LG mobile phone to be part of a series of concerts that promoted the festival Rock in Rio (Madrid). At the end of June, 2011 the group recorded their first album Far Enough with producer Juan de God Martin (Amaral and De Luxe among others). The band performed throughout the year opening for bands like Hombres G, Julieta Venegas, Coti and Los Secretos as well as other big events such as the “Grand Prix Europe of Formula 1”.

Syndrome Moscow has just released a brand new video titled “Ciudad Esmeralda” (Emerald City). This video encompasses the talent and perception of today’s youth. When asked about the video, the band stated: “It was the result of many hours of creative brainstorming, crazy and absurd ideas began to emerge with the elements that would end up binding this particular storyline of coincidence and naiveté “. With this base, they decided to incorporate a twist of madness to the video, including elements of “Breaking Bad”, one of their favorite TV shows, with a peculiar vision of the “World of Oz “and their way of understanding the film.

Sindrome Moscow Album Cover

The video clip was filmed in Valencia, Spain. One of the most complicated tasks was to find locations similar to the landscapes that viewers were accustomed to seeing in Breaking Bad and even a possible acting double of “Walter White”. Juan Tormo was the director and producer of the video while the entire styling was done by Arthur Laso. The actor who portrays the character “Walter White” (Álvaro Baguena) is a renowned Valencia actor who coincidentally was viewing the last season of Breaking Bad and did not hesitate to embody one of his new idols.

Since it was written, “Ciudad Esmeralda” has been wrapped by magical moments, those that only music can give you and that never cease to amaze you. “Ciudad Esmeralda ” is a song that speaks about how complex life can become, its secrets and how difficult it is to occasionally return to the starting point to the happiest moments. It is not a song about defeat but quite the opposite; it is a song for the brave, for those who struggle against the wind and try to make their dreams come true.

“Ciudad Esmeralda” is available now on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and Pandora and other digital platforms.