Lido makes LA feel “Everything”

By Jeanette Hernandez November 28, 2016Bios
By Jeanette Hernandez | November 28, 2016

Norwegian producer and musical chameleon Lido made up the ninth out of thirty Red Bull Sound Select series this year, performing his bittersweet love story album entitled “Everything” to a filled Ace Theater in Downtown Los Angeles on November 9.

The experience of “Everything” will leave you emotionally exhausted, making you feel human again.

Lido has a way of captivating his audience, and ultimately made a theatre of strangers feel like an intimate gathering amongst friends to talk about a recent heartbreak. The musician orchestrated the show by not only sharing his stories through his lyrics and visuals, but by using his instruments to amplify the raw emotions that he describes in his songs.

The producer prepared his live show with an arrangement of synthesizers, a spotlighted classic piano placed in the center, and a drum set on stage. During the experience, the artist alternated with this instruments, provoking the audience to embrace him not only as music producer, but also a dedicated drummer and pianist.


The show started off as the album does with  “Catharsis” pinpointing where his amorous story commenced, showcasing the nervous attributes of the track. Highlights of the event include videos to embody his personal experiences, sharing videos of album contributors Towkio and Jaden Smith, and having a Jaden Smith hologram appear right before revealing him in real life to perform their track “Only One”. He then wrapped up his show by performing his covers including his take on Kanye West’s recent “The Life Of Pablo” album, “Drowning” by Banks, “Faded” by Zhu, and “Latch” by Disclosure to name a few.

Point blank: Lido is one of the few genius producers and live performers we are fortunate to be able to see live in our generation of music. Make sure to treat your ears and thoroughly listen to “Everything” by Lido…. Yes, from start to finish.



Photography by: Aaron Rogosin

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