¡Marge Simpson al desnudo!

By October 9, 2009Otro Rollo

Marge Simpson PlayboyWhat has this world come to?! Perhaps it’s true and the apocalypse is upon us… after all, how can you explain Michael Bolton collaborating with Lady GaGa, Britney singing about threesomes, Amy Winehouse rapping, Tyra Banks giving her weaves and wigs a break, Kylie Minogue touring in the U.S., and now, Marge Simpson becoming one more of Hugh Hefner’s bunnies by baring her lady parts for Playboy. Even though it might seem like a joke, it’s actually happening. Come November, the newsstands, liquor stores, and everything in between will be plagued by Playboy with Mrs. Homer Simpson on the cover. Sure, in the world of pornography hay de todo para todos; ahora sí que, whatever tickles your pickle… but cartoon porn on a major and world renowned magazine, well, that’s just a little bit bizarre, crazy and well… out of this world.

Aside from scoring the cover, there’ll be a three page pictorial showcasing Marge’s nekkid yellow body, fun-bags and peesh included… todo esto para celebrar el aniversario #20 de Los Simpsons.

While it’s a weird way to honor the cartoon of a generation, you have to give whosever bright idea it was some HUGE props, as this move is unique and intriguing.

Even if you can’t bare to see Marge the same way after this, will you be getting a copy of November’s Playboy?

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