To-Die-For Dia de Muertos Inspired Pieces feat. Quetzal Boutique

By Grecia HOctober 11, 2016Otro Rollo
By Grecia H | October 11, 2016

It was leap of faith really, what turned an immigrant family’s dream into the successful business it is today.

Quetzal Boutique was born 8 years ago at an indoor swap meet down the street from where it currently is.

At the time, Ketzal Itzcohuatl, had no business background but wanting to help out his mom he contributed with his salary as a server.

“I began investing more and since jewelry sales were hurting we decided to add other accessories that would help supplement the sales.”

Besides Hello Kitty, which quickly became their top selling item, Quetzal Boutique reached the Los Angeles community by importing Dia de los Muertos items and it just snowballed from there.


Ketzal Itzcohuatl, owner of Quetzal Boutique

“I didn’t consider myself a businessman then, I just wanted to help my mom.”

By catering specifically, to the local Latino Angelinos, Ketzal had the opportunity to meet amazing individuals and learn more about his community.

Quetzal Boutique’s mission is to empower local artists and financially support the indigenous communities in Mexico while providing genuine pieces to their niche clientele.

With that being said here are our favorite Dia de Muertos inspired accessories for you to rock at the next Day of the Dead event:

To purchase any of these products + check more fabulous merchandise:

Quetzal Boutique

3509 E 1st St

East Los Angeles, California