10 Crazy Realistic Tattoos That’ll Make Your Jaw Drop

By August 31, 2016Otro Rollo
realistic tattoo by Alexander Yanitskiy
By | August 31, 2016

Whether you’re an ink lover or not, we can guarantee you’ll surely appreciate these crazy realistic tattoos needled by artists with true talent.

If this inspires you to go get some ink, we’re not responsible for the consequences!

10. This piece is called “Gangsta Girl” drawn by Fajar Prasetya. We all knew someone who looked like this growing up. If you’re ever in Denpasar, Indonesia, this guy is worth a visit.

9. Now this is creepy, yet cool. This piece was done at World Famous Tattoo Ink, known for their all-vegan ink and cruelty-free practice. Wouldn’t you want a doll that looked like that?

8. It was hard to pick one piece from Maksims Zotov’s breath-taking profile, but this particular piece shows how an idea comes to life. Let’s take a moment to appreciate that shading!

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7. Known for his color realism, Szymon Gdowicz out of Poland makes you question your own coloring skills and staying in between the lines.

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6. In memory of the beloved Gene Wilder, Rich Pineda pays a tribute with this amazing full-color tattoo. Look at those blue eyes!

In memory of one of the greats who passed today. #genewilder you will be missed? #willywonka

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5. Wow! We’re loving this black, grey with white outline ‘gas mask’ piece by Pablo Hernandez. A little white can really enhance the ‘realistic’ look to any tattoo.

4. This piece almost looks 3D! That’s the talent from Raimo Martitattoo, known for his realistic portraits of mainly celebrities.

3. Is that real blood? Tattoo artist from Israel, Alexander Yanitskiy shows off his shadowing skills with this vampire mouth piece.

2. The detail in this piece is breath-taking. You can even see the shine reflecting off the pupil. This piece was created by Steve H Morante, Owner of Fudoshin Tattoos in London.

1. Since you’ve been gazing at skulls and blood, we thought we’d leave you with something a little friendlier. Here’s a detailed piece of a gorilla face done by Samuel Rico in Spain. Animals seem to be his specialty giving these creatures life through art.