Three Clubs Cocktail Lounge in Hollywood: A Safe Haven from the “West Side Madness”

By Rick BarzellJanuary 9, 2010Food & Drink
By Rick Barzell | January 9, 2010

For those who tend to stay clear of the west side madness (aka HOLLYWOOD) and like to keep it that way, Three Clubs is a safe haven.  It’s on the border of Los Angeles and Hollywood, and sits off the corner of Santa Monica Blvd. and Vine St.  Don’t expect to see a large lit-up sign reading “Three Clubs”, instead lookout for the small, simple, lit-up sign that reads “cocktails” jutting out from above the doorway.

Upon entering through the front door, you will find yourself in a cozy, dark, wallpaper-covered den full of stylish, down to earth people –and not the usual hipster and shi shi bar flies.  After all, this was once a martini lounge, and was even featured in the film Swingers starring Vince Vaughn back in ’96.  Therefore, it isn’t surprising that this place tends to stay packed week after week.

Three Clubs has no entrance fee and consists of two rooms:  The front room has a full-sized bar, plenty of seating, and a jukebox filled with all your Rn’R needs, ranging from Gram Parsons to the Stooges and Nick Cave.  To get to the second room you walk under an amazing stone doorway and through the double doors.  The back room has a smaller bar in comparison to the main one, a sound booth/DJ booth overlooking the room, and a half circle stage with seating from one end to the other and along the back wall.  The sound in here is crisp and clear, and the set-up provides for an up close and intimate show with the performers.

Depending on which nights you go (I suggest checking out their website and their Myspace page for a calendar of events), the stage is graced with Burlesque performers, comedians, live bands, and acoustic performances.

The best time of the week to check Three Clubs out is every Wednesday night for a night called Marathon Live!  Marathon Live! at Three Clubs is thrown by Davey D (of Brian Jonestown Massacre/Dig! fame) and Brandon McCulloch, and features the best of the indie/psych/rock/folk scene, usually with an average of 3 bands and various DJ’s.  The bands that play here are usually a blend of Davey D’s and Brandon’s local friends and touring bands from all over the globe.  Be sure to check out their July 4th and X-mas holiday parties whenever they come around.  They’re extremely festive (especially when you gulp down plenty of Egg Nog cocktail goodness) and host plenty of live performances to sing holiday-related tunes.

Keep in mind that Three Clubs has lots of free parking, good drink specials, and has a happy hour from 6-8pm for those early birds!

 Three Clubs Cocktail Lounge

1123 Vine St.

Los Angeles, CA 90038

Open Nightly: 6pm-2am