The Lighthouse Café in Hermosa Beach

By December 10, 2009Food & Drink

The Lighthouse Café

Whenever I check out a new spot, I’m quick to judge whether it’s a spot with boyfriend, lover or girl’s night out material. Assuming that you have all three (a partner, a lover and a circle of friends), you’ll find my reviews helpful when you have to decide on whom to take where. Lesson to be learned people… don’t mix your circle of friends and don’t take them to the same places. God forbid you run into your boyfriend at last week’s spot when you’re out with your lover! Trágame tierra!

Jazz, rock and reggae are the norm at The Lighthouse Café in Hermosa Beach. The quaint pier spot is known for having live acts fill the house. On an average weekday night, you can stroll into the bar lounge without a hitch. But on a given weekend night, you may find yourself having to wait in line. Local jazz, rock and reggae bands play the spot regularly and have the average late-twenties patrons dancing all night long.

The spot has an outdoor smoking area boarded up with temp walls, which is a cool area for smokers to meet fellow smokers. You can also take advantage of that area to chat up with the ID checkers at the door and befriend them-it might help you get in without waiting in line on your next visit. Network people! Network!

The Lighthouse Café has stool and bar seating, and a small dance floor that mirrors the size of the stage. This bar lounge is one of those spots that aren’t pretentious at all, and that’s due in great part to its patrons. College students and locals frequent the place in jeans, sandals and tees so there’s no need to put on your best pieces to The Lighthouse, this isn’t one of those douchey places. The atmosphere on a weekend night is very lively and energetic. You get a diverse crown enjoying drinks, winding down and feeling the groove of the music.

The Lighthouse Café offers a list of beer food to accompany your Stella’s or mixed drinks. Sliders (yumm), nachos, chicken wings, fries and get this: tater tots are on the menu. Tater tots! If you’re in for something heftier, as if beer food wasn’t heavy enough, you can also order from their dinner menu that carries burgers, sandwiches and pizza.

Happy hour @ The Lighthouse Café is Monday-Friday from 5:00 p.m. until 8 p.m. and offers a selection of deals on beers, shots, specialty house drinks like the “Mile Davis Cocktail” and “Cabo-Wabo Margaritas”.

Also, if you happen to make your way down to this place on a Monday night, you’ll catch yourself line dancing with the rest of the patrons. The Lighthouse Café turns into The Lighthouse Saloon each Monday night and features a live country band, rib dinner and drink specials. Me lickey!

The Verdict: This place is too much fun to take a date or your lover to! Who takes sand to the beach anyway! Chat up with the patrons, bar tenders, band members and ID checkers. Everyone here is so chill and laid back that they’ll definitely bring out the social butterfly in you. So leave the partners and lovers at home for this one, gather up your pose and get into a little innocent trouble at The Lighthouse Café!


The Lighthouse in Hermosa Beach
30 Pier Avenue Hermosa Beach, CA 90254
(310) 376-9833
Mon-Fri: 5pm-2am
Sat-Sun: Open for breakfast @ 11am

*No cover weekdays unless there is a special event.
*Kitchen open ’till 12am
*Venue is 21+ after 6PM