The Best Fish Taco in Ensenada…in Los Feliz!

By Rick BarzellDecember 1, 2009Food & Drink

Let me cut to the chase: this is the holy grail of fish taco spots!  And believe you me, I’ve had a few different fish and shrimp tacos in my lifetime, all ranging from posh to simple.  The Best Fish Taco in Ensenada located on Hillhurst in Los Feliz is a prime example of how keeping it simple really pays off.


Upon walking through the door, you will notice the almost ridiculously small menu hanging above the cashier.  If you’re a crazy indecisive Libra such as myself –especially when it comes to choosing something to eat– then this place is a Godsend!  You won’t have any problem ordering from here, considering they only have a total of 3 items on this menu: Fish Tacos $1.50, Shrimp Tacos $2.00, and Drinks $1.00.  It doesn’t get simpler or cheaper than that!

The service here is lightning-quick, so don’t be turned off by the idea of entering this place when it’s packed.  Either way, you’re going to find yourself munching on tacos in no time! 

What you get handed is the battered fish or shrimp on a warm tortilla, and well the rest is up to you!  Take a few steps to the right and you’ll encounter a table filled wish salsas to douse your tacos in. 

Their salsa bar consists of Crema Mágica (a tasty white cream), cabbage, Raddish Relish, Mad Mango, Mango-Less, Mild, Hot Guac (my favorite), and Pineapple Kiss.  You start out by throwing some cabbage on top, along with some “Crema Mágica” for a creamy sensation.  They’re all extremely tasty, and are perfect for mixing and matching.  Each salsa even has a small placard next to it giving a brief explanation on what to expect.  My personal favorites are the Hot Guac and the Mad Mango.  Both the Mad Mango and the Pinapple Kiss salsas add a nice tangy zing to your tacos, while the Hot Guac spices things up a bit more.

Overall, my personal favorite is the shrimp taco.  The shrimp tends to be a bit crunchier, while the fish tends to be a bit lightly breaded.  However, both are taste very fresh and delicious.  If this is your first visit to the Best Fish Taco, make sure to let the nice owner know, he will more than likely hook you up with a fish taco on the house.  Now that shows confidence in his product!

Their drinks consist of various canned sodas, bottled water, agua de jamaica, horchata, and ginger beer.  I’ve tried the horchata once before, but seemed to be a bit watered down when I had it.  Maybe it was a little later on in the day.  But, on a side note, you can always make it BYOB! (Cap n’ Cork’s is right next door! wink wink…)

Be sure to check out their website and watch a funny video where the dynamic New Zealand duo known as Flight of the Conchords are taken here to eat. 

They used to stay open until around 8pm or so, but now stay open an hour later meaning that they close at 9! You might even find yourself daydreaming about swimming in a sea of crema mágica!  Maybe that’s going a bit too far, but I can tell you that I’m already itching for another fix…


The Best Fish Taco in Ensenada
1650 Hillhurst Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90027
(323) 466-5552
Open Daily 11am-9pm