Big Bear: Winter Wonderland

By January 6, 2009Edúcate

Big BearWith the holidays long gone now, for many of us it’s hard to go back to the real world and forget about mistletoe, snowy pine trees, hot chocolate and of course full days of doing nothing or just cuddling with our significant other.  If you can’t seem to get enough of winter and would like an extension to your winter wonderland, Big Bear Lake is the place to be. Although it’s not covered in snow all year round, it’s the closest thing you get to a year-round winter wonderland.  This is the perfect getaway whether you’re taking off with your family, a bunch of friends or (better yet) even if it’s just you and your peor-es-nada on a romantic escapade.  No matter what time of the year you choose to go, there’s always something to do in Big Bear. However, if you choose to go while it’s still cold and before Spring kicks in, you’ll get an extended winter filled with of snow and lots of winter-ish activities.

Now you must be wondering what “winter-ish” activities, or maybe not.  But either way, they’re just what they sound like.  In California we pretty much get sun all year long so our seasons are kinda whack and almost non-existent… so we really don’t get those kind of activities which are quite fun. 

skii @ Big Bear Head over to Big Bear and you’ll get to experience winter and all its fun activities such as skiing, inner tubing, taking snowshoe trips, or maybe just hiking and building snowmen and snow angels.

You can get some really sweet all-inclusive deals, especially if you book them for a midweek stay. Not only can you get an extended winter, but you can also pamper yourself and/or your loved ones with one of the many day spas, mobile massage services or just a candlelight dinner. 

Now, if you’re on a tight budget and can’t afford a cabin, you can always just drive back the same day.  Even if you’re not planning on staying over there’s lots of things to do.

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